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Where can I find a manual to help me manually install an aftermarket car stereo for my 2000 vw golf?

Asked by dingus108 (233points) September 3rd, 2008

I will not be installing it. A friend of mine has stereo install experience and he is not sure how volkswagen’s wirings and dash removal systems work, so I am trying to find a manual to help him install my new stereo.

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Just google it. I found about 8 different sites that had instructions in 30 seconds.

edit: forgot to include the link

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They have them at the auto parts stores, like Pep Boys

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Yea, I second Crutchfield. Every time I’ve ordered a stereo from them, they have sent me a manual on how to install it in my specific car at no charge. If you also get the proper wiring harness then it will be easy breezy. If it’s the same size is should really be no problem. Sometimes removing the stereo is as easy as unscrewing four bolts. Sometimes you have to remove the dash.

I keep a car repair manual in each of my cars (tailored to the specific model and year) in case something comes up. Hanes isn’t great but it’s better then nothing. It’s what is use because it’s cheap. I’ve looked in them before when I didn’t buy the radio from Cruchfield.

I know it sounds crazy but as a last resort you could go to the library. When I worked at a garage, we would go there to copy wiring diagrams of obscure cars (out of the repair manuals). You might find something there.

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