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Any takers on what I should do with exterior mods for my car. And some interior mods?

Asked by dingus108 (233points) May 5th, 2008

My car is a 2000 VW GOLF, manual tranny, white. I want to change the look more than anything, and to not paint it at all. I might put some new exhaust on it as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I don’t care about prices, I just want to see what looks good. Here’s some pics of my car (stock):

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Your links aren’t working, but have you looked at Golf mod sites? There are sites for practically every model of car, I think, and they seem to have good ideas. Usually, the participants are total fanboys and will go into excruciating detail about what they did and how they did it.

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I’m not sure why the pics aren’t showing up…. Lemme see if I can put up some new ones…

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Airbrush a wizard on the hood. That’d be WICKED!

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You should put some TV screens all over the inside of your car, get a jackhammer(type of subwoofer), a bumpin sound system, a computer in your car, and anything else that sounds cool.

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Leave it alone. It looks nice as is.

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wheels, euro tails, euro front, HID lighting, nice little suspension drop.

Are you running a vr6 or turbo? Some performance mod to make the car even more fun. Intake, exhaust, header or (upgraded down pipe if turbo. )

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I’m all for customizing vehicles but its not hard to make one look much worse then before you started. is full of how to information and lots of pictures you can find great deals on parts here and get some ideas also

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vr6 = badass:) dude, dont rice ur jetta too much with tv’s n random crap like HUGE Exhaust’s or crappy plastic bumpers/ground effects…cant c ur pics but im sure its nice.:)

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