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Which is Joe Biden's actual campaign website?

Asked by Jeruba (49487points) 1 week ago

If you know for sure the URL of Joe Biden’s campaign, please post a link.

I’d like to see what they’re posting and possibly contribute, but I don’t want to be misled by a decoy or a phony fund-raiser. I’m concerned about false websites, spoofing, and possible domain forwarding, and I’m not technologically savvy enough to recognize them. So I’d rather just get the URL from somebody who’s been around here for a long time and whom I regard as reliable.

Also please tell me how you know.

If for some reason you don’t want to post it publicly, please PM me. Thank you.

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@Darth_Algar is correct. The most straightforward way to confirm this is that Joe Biden’s verified Twitter account links to the same site. And if you’re worried about hacked Twitter accounts, you can check Google’s cached version or use the Wayback Machine to see that the linked website has always been the same one.

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Thanks. I’m not a Twitter user, and I wouldn’t have guessed that was a means of verifying legitimacy. Interesting. Information and confirmation both appreciated.

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It’s understandable that you might be confused. Biden himself said it was Joe30330, but @Darth_Algar has the correct one.

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Oh, dear, that’s too bad. No, actually, it was just general retro-type uncertainty about web stuff. I haven’t seen any ads or promotional videos so far.

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Biden’s campaign ad on youtube gives the same address as Darth gave. If it was a scam, I’d think Biden’s peeps would have it closed down for stealing his donations

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Ok, well, thanks, I haven’t looked at it. A scam could be posted today and taken down tomorrow, and before that, a lot of people could be fooled.

I asked here because I prefer to trust known long-timers here (even though I’ve actually met very few of them) over my own ability to detect and screen out professionally produced BS.

One of the casualties of this crazed end of the Information Age is trust in anyone and anything. I expect the outcome to be tribalism on a scale that dwarfs traditional discrimination, with new shibboleths that had no reason to exist before.

Will we know each other by our masks? Now, there’s an irony.

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Does he not have a campaign office anywhere near you where you can walk in and write a check? Or even better, you can stand outside, call them to come out and take your check.

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I don’t know, @SEKA, but I’m skeptical about a lot of things these days that I used to trust. Couldn’t I rent a storefront, put up some posters and stamp some buttons, and get people to walk in and hand me checks? In the present haze of hype, bias, and downright lies, vetting anything is seriously more difficult than it used to be.

Everytime I read that seniors (like me) tend to be Trump voters, I feel scandalized. Where were they during the sixties? We didn’t trust anyone over thirty, and now they trust him?? Well, I don’t trust them. So—I look for verification and corroboration, sometimes in strange places such as Fluther.

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@Jeruba try it see how long you last before going to jail ! JK

Federal jail at that.

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@Jeruba I think you’re right to be skeptical. As fakes get better and better, we can’t just rely on the traditional marks of authenticity. We’re going to need more oblique methods of verification. Sure, any site that doesn’t say “Paid for by Biden for President” is fake. But that doesn’t mean a site that does say “Paid for by Biden for President” is real. The same goes for other credentials that we might otherwise be inclined to trust.

@Tropical_Willie As we’ve seen, plenty of the people who operate on the dark side of politics are willing to risk jail time just to see their team win. And of course, some of them operate out of places where US law doesn’t reach.

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True @SavoirFaire like Russia and Ukraine !

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Pardon my naivete, but wouldn’t Joe Biden have a leg up on anyone else who wanted a site with address

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