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If the world was made up of all the same color of people would there still be intolerance for some other reason?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13258points) June 5th, 2020

I am beginning to wonder if society is hardwired for discrimination for anyone different than what is in there community.
Would society still find some other attribute to segregate the population, like eye color, build,etc
Appreciate your thoughts on this.

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There already is. For thousands of different things.

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Tribalism seems to come naturally. It has nothing to do with color and plenty to do with survival. Forest dwellers with different face paint, Highlanders with different tartans, urbanites with different religious emblems around their necks: it’s all a way of differentiating “us” from “them” so you know who to guard against and who has your back.

Over time we seem to have come to bigger and bigger tribes that fragment internally along different lines, but the impulse is the same. As long as people feel threatened by someone whose thoughts and actions differ from their own, it’s not going away.

Some differences can be seen at a distance, and some require a very close and sometimes very personal look. Not drawing conclusions from a perceived superficial difference and not basing actions on it is something civilized people have to learn.

Sometimes we seem closer to being civilized, and sometimes it seems a long way off.

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The world could be populated by clones, and they still would find things to discriminate against.

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In a world populated by clones, all it would take is the scarcity of some resource—or one piece of land that’s a little more desirable than another. Bingo: war paint.

Remember Lord of the Flies?

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Regarding this subject, when it comes to intolerance, any excuse will do. If there are no readily apparent differences, some will be either imagined or invented. Depend on it.

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Yes, of course. We would create star bellied sneetches.

I remember about 35 years ago reading an article that clothing style and brand names were becoming the new way people were grouping themselves. It was when it was becoming really popular to wear a designer name on your shirt in huge letters, and Ralph Lauren has his little polo man on the left upper quadrant of his shirts, etc. There were very distinct styles out there; grunge, punk, preppy, and the list goes on. The article argued fashion was becoming the new church denominations. You knew someone was similar to you by what they wore.

Throughout history groups have done things to identify themselves to each other. Way back in the day Christian men shaved to distinguish from Jews. Some religious groups have very strict rules for head coverings and clothing and you can often pick people out in a crowd who likely have the same cultural norms and beliefs.

Whether groups are intolerant of each other has to do with several things. If there is scarcity of resources then that is a stressor where people might become intolerant of another group. If the other group has very different norms and mores that can create a problem too. Ethnocentrism plays a part in the fears people have of a new culture trying to change an existing one.

Then you have leaders who might decide certain groups will threaten their power, and that will create conflict.

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Yes. There can always be a reason.
Look at Shia and Sunni Muslims or Irish Catholics and Protestants. They are so close but the differences have caused countless deaths.

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Of course.
Caste systems, feudal systems come to mind and last but not least

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I will bet my own life that societies of people whether all black, brown or white would eventually devolve into finding differences between them that would lead to strife and ultimately self-destruction.

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Just look around you. Here we can’t see each other to know what color the skin or eyes are nor how short or tall anyone is, but they are accepted or denied based on their thoughts. IF you don’t think or act like me, you’re not welcomed here. I’ve seen people asked to leave just for voicing their own opinion. When I was a young adult, thinking out of the norm was considered an asset. Now it makes you the enemy!!!

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@LadyMarissa We seem to be in an age where many people cannot “agree to disagree”. They MUST destroy those who think, feel, talk, act, look differently!

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Of course. There is always the other side that must be competed against, or so one might think. Our team versus theirs, our nationality versus theirs, our country versus theirs, my political party versus theirs. The list goes on and on.
It’s only natural.

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Why is it natural @kritiper the need to feel superior to others we don’t agree with?

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It’s the way we are. Society teaches us to be this way, and some take it to the extreme.We Humans have always been combative as a means of survival and dominance. In every work place, in every walk of life, there is a person who feels that he or she is superior to everyone else. And, these days, there are so many exhibitions of competition on TV. Look how we drive our cars in traffic. EVERYTHING is a competition!

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Gee, let’s see…we already try to divide people by race, wealth, religious beliefs, sex, age, and probably a few more. Take one away, you still have a bunch. Hey! I have an idea! Let’s all take a deep breath and relax.

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Perhaps it all start with the family dynamic…sibling rivary..a competition that is never put to rest, enacted in every scenario it seems.( its basis from home life vying for attention)?

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That is a great idea Wolfie never going to happen but still a great idea.

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