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How do you react, when total strangers request personal information from/of/about you?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 3rd, 2008

This can be via any means you choose, such as in person, via e-mail or snal-mail solicitations or on the phone.

The ones I seem to get the most are phone callers, who falsely claim that they are doing a “survey,” then at the end, request my name, gender, age, DOB, street address, etc. It’s usually an attempt at identity theft, of course.

I usually play along with them, until they get to the identifying stuff, and then I give them the name and address of someone who is deceased.

In a person-to-person situation, when I am asked something that is clearly none of the asker’s business, I just respond with, “I’m sorry, but I’m under a court order at this time, not to reveal or discuss that information with anyone.”

When I get a telephone call where a stranger asks for me by name, I’ll respond with, “Why do you wish to speak with him?”

If they respond with information that indicates it is a sales call, I reply, “You mean you don’t know that he DIED, about three months ago?”

Please listen to TOM MABE, and how he handles sales calls. This is outrageous!

September 3, 2008, 10:38 PM EDT

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I only have a cell, so I don’t get many of those types of phone calls. And I put myself on that list where credit card companies and such cannot mail me stuff. So that cuts out those problems.

However, I don’t have anything to hide, and privacy is not an issue for me. Aside from people who are attempting to steal my identity, which I have yet to come across, I have no problem telling strangers personal information, to a point of course.

I find it more awkward when people I hardly know (or don’t know at all) tell me extremely personal information. For some reason this happens to me a lot. Maybe it’s because I am a counselor; maybe people can sense this.

I feel no need to be rude or facetious when others ask me personal questions. If I think the question is too personal, I just say “that is a really personal question”. Usually, this is all it takes to stop the prying.

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I just say, “I prefer not to give out that information.” Really, about the only things I won’t give out are my phone # and social security #. Oh, and date of birth.

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I tell them E V E RY T H I N G

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I just don’t give it out unless it’s something I want to share for some reason. I tend to ignore calls from any number I don’t recognize unless I get a voice mail that’s worth returning a call to.

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I usually ask why and for a reference to where I can find out more about what they’re doing (surveys and such). That normally kills it – occasionally it turns out it is legit, in which case I may oblige if I think it’s a worthy cause.

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I never give out information. Most people that ask me are inmates in jail. They’re manipulators and know too doggone much already, such as the vehicles we drive, etc. When they ask, I agree with whatever they’re assuming. “Are you single?” Yep. “Are you married?” Yep. “Doesn’t your husband work at Chrysler?” Yep. “Hey, I saw you out in your yard. You live on Main Street, right?” Yep.

And my standard answer for when they try to guess my first name is Kamikaze. It’s so ludicrous, they shake their heads and move on.

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I ask, “what is this, the Spanish Inquisitions?”

Some people know what I am talking about, others go, huh?

I don’t give out personal information…I let people know this up front, some people may think this is rude. I see it the other way around, they are being rude!

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Good answer, and a terrific attitude!

September 4, 2008, 10:05 AM EDT

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