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With the surge of new Covid19 cases in the US, is the economy opening up too fast?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18748points) 1 week ago

Heard on CBC radio that Washington state has just made it law you have to wear a mask in public indoors or out.
That states Governor said if they don’t get cases under control they might be forced to roll back one or two fazes of the economy reopening.
So do you think this surge is because the economy is reopening to fast?
If not then what do you think this latest surge is due to?

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Could be the lack of social distancing. Could be the increase in testing. I think its both.

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@RedDeerGuy1 You can not blame testing for the surge in positive cases, but I do think you are correct about social distancing, well now anyways the people of Washington state now have to wear a mask in public indoors and out or face a fine, repeat offenders could face jail time as well.

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Contrary to all the optimistic hype required to buoy the stock market and re-elect the fool, the rationalizations around the clear trade offs of lives for commerce have been stark from the outset. We opened up too soon, and anyone with the sense of a bagel can look at the graphs and predict with confidence that as of today THE WORST IS YET TO COME. So at 2 million Americans infected, 125,000 dead, and both the infection and death rates climbing, should we continue to open up?

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Well @stanleybmanly according to one of our fright wing friends staying locked down was harder on peoples well being than the virus was, and said opening would bring a slight up tick but that was about all, really? I think the states are experiencing a little more than just a slight up tick.

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Just yup??^^^

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Okay…many folks are in too much of a hurry to get back to what was normal for some very understandable reasons (unemployed, lonely, stressed), but they’re jumping the gun and don’t realize or don’t care that it will just be worse later during the (now) inevitable second lockdown and quarantine.

Right this minute, my neighbor has about a dozen folks in his pool and backyard, no less than a foot from each other. There was hugging and kids rough housing. Not a mask in site.

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OMG has no one have any common sense anymore??
They think it’s over? The virus has gone back to China?

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Oh, and this…

“ Justice Department Issues Warning About Fake Mask Exempt Cards “

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In my state, Florida, I think more than anything people are idiots. If they had followed the rules put in place and the advice to wear masks and distance, and not be in large groups, then we would not have this mess. The governor should have made masks an order throughout the state, but he has said over and over again wear masks, distance, don’t be inside with others for prolonged periods or in big groups. He himself has worn a mask and so have his people for months, he is not doing the Trump thing refusing to wear a mask. The governor should not have opened bars at 50%, that was a mistake. Bars have been super spreaders. We had over 150 cases from one night club. Many more examples like that.

What make it the most impossible is the people here:

1) I know a lot of people who think it is good for the virus to spread through the young population.

2) A lot of people think the whole covid scare is over.

3) A lot of people think masks make you sick.

4) Some people see the mask as a sign that you are a socialist, communist, anti-Christian, atheist, using covid to usher in all the socialist policies Democrats want. So, the fringe Republicans and libertarians are not going to be caught dead in a mask. It would be like wearing a Jewish star during Nazi Germany.

5. I think a lot of teens and 20 somethings don’t follow politics or the news and they don’t even realize they are supposed to wear masks or why it is a big deal.

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“So, the fringe Republicans and libertarians are not going to be caught dead in a mask.”

@JLeslie: Maybe, but they’re likely to be caught dead without one.

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@cookieman A few probably will. Meanwhile, they get everyone else sick too.

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So here we are. The “weak ass lockdown” and 40 million unemployed. To get right back to where we started.

Other grown up countries are doing alright.

Trump, just the other night is trying to kill the ACA (AKA obamacare) in the middle of a fucking pandemic with 40 million unemployed in country where healthcare is tied to employment. THE FUCKING MADNESS.

But the sane countries have social safety nets. Canada is giving 2K a month to the unemployed. We got a one time 1200 dollar check.. And I know about the 600 hundred a week that was nearly impossible to collect in the red states. Maybe that is why Texas and Florida were so eager to open up.

In the grown up countries people can still get by without standing in mile long lines for food bags. They can get by with their net for a few months to get things under control. We must work or starve.

So now we are right back to where we started and the Federal government just seems annoyed they have to deal with this shit. 40 million jobs lost for nothing. And everyone knew this would happen. They were just betting on it happening after November elections.

But here we are.. Monumentally fucked. Masks are free, and our best bet. But only faggot liberals wear masks, the cucks, trump_train to prosperity, praise jesus!.

Here is the fucking thing. Not a ounce of sympathy from me. You had Italy, New York, and so on. You were warned. You thought it was funny that the blue states got hammered. Now it is my turn to laugh.

I was in Safeway a hour ago and 90% of us faggy liberals had a mask on while I was getting burrito supplies.

Oregon has been doing pretty good. Bars never opened.

Remember the blue-state bailout shit the red staters were spouting when Coumo was saying New York would need federal funds to keep going.

Hold my fucking beer you perpetual red-state welfare recipients. Is Covidhadenfreude a word yet?

Wear a mask you fucking knobs.

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This rolling catastrophe will be distinguished for its unnecessary deaths. In the end, we cannot always have the luck of competent leadership even though confronted with slow moving yet certain disaster. With our national leader more useless than snot, the people themselves collapse to panic over toilet paper, yet surrender to complacency as the floodwaters of pestilence rise toward their noses. It’s as though we are committed in the race to determine just how many casualties are required to overwhelm the system itself. I can’t tell if there is a pandemic of “it won’t happen to me”, or “let me at it so I can get it over with”.

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Trump thinks it is “Just an inconvenience that people are dying” !

I think he is hoping for a TV contract for a reality show !

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Trump has spent less than five minutes since this Covid started giving condolences for the dead and their families, yup theres a guy that cares.

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My state (Illinois) just opened up Phase 4. (Which is just about every business, with restrictions)
I’m still tripping over Phase 3. But now I think the shit is really gonna hit the fan.
Restaurants and BARS opening up on the inside? I’m still in phase one personally. I only go inside stores when necessary and needed medical appts.

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Well, Fall is going to get interesting isn’t it.

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I think it may be opening too fast. I also think in my area many people do not follow the rules.

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@RedDeerGuy1: Testing is up yes, but hospitalizations are up. People who are tested are not hospitalized unless they’re sick, so blaming testing is not accurate.

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@jca2 I only said that the increase in testing was because President Trump said it. I will be more careful about quoting President Trump in the future. I will declare him as my source for now on.

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Testing absolutely makes a difference in numbers. People who don’t know they are sick come up positive. The more tests, the more positive results.
My state has a huge rise in positive results, but fewer hospitalizations, and way fewer deaths. Our positives going up is because people are getting tested without symptoms.
Previously, most were only tested if they presented with symptoms.

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It’s good that those people got tested and now know even if they don’t show symptoms they at least know now so they don’t infect others wouldn’t you agree @Patty_Melt ?^^^

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Absolutely! However, if we had large numbers of a reliable test for antibodies, it would tell us much more.

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