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That time as a kid when you thought no one was looking, what did you do?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 28th, 2020

Go on, It’s just us :D

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Ran a red light that wouldn’t change.

Pissed behind a building because otherwise I would have wet my pants.

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I took a piss in the bushes on our school field during a P.E lesson. It was a cold winter day & running around playing football did not help.

Anyway, some dirty little snitch told on me & I was forced to apologise to the tracher, his name was Edward Edwards :D

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Hurt myself repeatedly because I was left alone so much and wanted to feel something.

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I flushed a hamburger down the toilet.
I got in trouble for that.It seems my mother was insulted and the toilet was assaulted.
@cookieman <<HUGS>>

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Changed my mind

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Too many to list.

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Opened my brother’s magic puzzle box, when he wasn’t home. It contained treasures including a foreign coin, a plastic gumball machine figurine, a tiny pocket knife, and a guitar pick.

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Peed in a forest. Held a thermometer to my lamp’s lightbulb because I wanted to stay home from school

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Ok, here are some:
Stole buttons from a box in the sewing store.

Poke my brother before the camera is in focus so he would be crying in the picture.

Stole one behind the kissing tree at recess.

Took off with daddy’s tractor while he was in the house to prove I was big enough to drive. I was three.

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@Patty_Melt Wow, the second one is pure wickedness…love it!

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