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Ratio of FF users from mac to pc?

Asked by nebrow (30points) September 4th, 2008

I was googling yesterday and didnt find much. Im wondering what the radio of Mac Firefox users vs PC firefox users is. Anyone know where I can find this sort of statistic? Thanks!

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PC with firefox here but I use a Mac with firefox at home.

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This is pure conjecture, but I’d expect that the percentage of Mac users who use FireFox is greater than the percentage of PC users. FireFox is supported by more websites than Safari is, which is an incentive for Mac users to get it. IE is supported everywhere, and a lot of PC users are clueless as to the existence of alternatives.

You might do better to ask this question here. The folks on the Mozilla Support Forum are probably more up on this stuff than we are.

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The only reason I use Safari is because it’s what Fluid supports as its browser. If I’m doing my daily surf, I use FF. It’s got all my plugins and plugins for Safari just seem odd. I looked at some plugins for it and was kinda baffled at how weird the install process was. It’s like it’s own program rather than an add-on.

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In no way accurate.. But my stats here.

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Hey John, what website is that for? This one?

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Safari is so much better than FF for Mac. It’s a lot easier to develop for and has great debugging tools. It also just looks and performs better. FF is the best on windows though.

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@bodyhead :: not this one. A offshoot. to address the power or the napping. The site isn’t related to fluther in ant way. I am fucking wasted and can barely type.

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i demand more safari usage !

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@johnpowell, those usage stats appear to support my conjecture. I don’t like to plug my other home here, but a lot of Mac users complain about poor support for Safari on AV.

What’re you wasted on? Did they give you good painkillers at the hospital? Or is it NOMB?

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Pills from the hospital. I took to many.

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I use FF every now and then, but the memory leak isn’t gone from FF3, so I still have to restart it every few hours when it dies on me. I use Camino as my main browser; it’s really great.

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no one answered my question – i wasnt asking if you used FF on mac or pc, but rather the general ration of mac to pc users of firefox. thanks

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@nebrow – I haven’t dug into it myself, but you might be able to find it at W3Counter.

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