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Have gradually built up to doing 15/16 pull ups/ chin ups then started to experiance pain in solar plexus region only starts after 2/3 reps even when I tense my abs no probs otherwise & would be unaware of a problem with my stomach if I didn't do the excercise, any ideas?? other than stop the excercise which I currently have done.

Asked by dundernut (22points) September 4th, 2008
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I’m no expert of any kind on physical fitness or sports medicine, but I would suggest that if there is no such person in here, then you should seek one in your community and consult with him/her, right away.

What you are describing does not appear at all “normal” to me, based on my own experiences.

September 4, 2008, 8:30 AM EDT

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Welcome to Fluther. Just as a hint, you might want to phrase future questions more briefly (i.e., Exercise suggestions?) and then use the “details” area to extrapolate.

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Your solar plexus region is a cluster of nerves right behind your stomach. I would definetly ask or better yet, go see a professional. You may need x-rays to see what the underlying problem is. Someone here could maybe tell you what it might be, but that is not going to help you repair your body. It is a good thing you have stopped the exercises. Talk/see a professional!

Good luck to you !

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Any chance you have a small tear? Stopping your program while you get checked out is a wise course.

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