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They say it's your birthday? Ringo Starr turns 80!

Asked by kritiper (18904points) 3 weeks ago

Much love to you, Ringo!

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Have a good one, Dude!

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I love you yeah, yeah, yeah!

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That’s nice to hear. I thought he was dead.
Sorry for my mistake Ringo. Didn’t mean to sell you short.
Happy Birthday.

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Bet you’re going to a party, party…....

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Trying to drum up support?
Happy Birthday you old fart!

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So you say you want a revolution?

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Have you seen this delightful music video?


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@Love_my_doggie I’ve seen it before but it’s always fun to watch.

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Ringo sure looked good when he was 78.

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He was on Entertainment Tonight last night talking about his 80th birthday. He looks great!

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