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When's the last time you had a heated disagreement in person?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) July 7th, 2020

As you were arguing, were your fingers moving as if you were typing?
Did you win? :D

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In middle school, over a trivial matter that cannot now by remembered.

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@Darth_Algar – I dedicate this song to your calm nature. :D

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In a desolate far away place, that seems like a long time ago.
I won by the way.

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I told the wife if she must cook, at least alert the fire dept. beforehand.
She sulked & made sandwiches :D

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@ucme -Sandwiches are good, aren’t they?
I’m lucky that my neighbor is a fireman. XD

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@ucme Soo…did you count that as a win or a loss?

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While it was probably not my last heated disagreement, probably my most impressive one was when I went to bat for one of the step-kids against the Juvenile courts. I won that one, by the way.

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Who has time to type if you’re fighting in person?! haha!

Oh I scuffle with the Mister often. The last one was because I baked a ton of sweet potato pies Saturday and he was too lazy to take it to his mother (a few blocks away) until today. I’m not counting that as a win since they got a three day old pie. Grrrr…..

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@KNOWITALL Ha ha! An interesting thing to do is snap a few photos as they’re arguing.
That always goes over well. hahaha!

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@lucillelucillelucille He’s been married to a redhead for almost 20 years, nothing fazes him. He just sits back with an evil grin watching me spin my top. haha!

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