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I viewed over the list of photographs and some are really hilarious!

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@Inspired_2write Ever hear of this guy?
He’s my inspiration for family photos.

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Some are hilarious! Thanks for sharing this.

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@Inspired_2write I agree! It makes me want to mess with family & friends again!
Are you still retouching photos?

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With the limited software yes, but only my own stash or old photos..still reviewing different software that have more tools.

New photo software came out recently where it can automatically sharpen old images and take out blur as well.
I am on a few Facebook photo restoration groups where we also discuss programs of interest for restoring images better.
Some are limited in there tools and its a trade off.
Some are very expensive to purchase while others don’t have the tutorials needed so its a very heavy learning curve.
I am debating and waiting for finances to allow the purchase of better software that enables a lot of tools other than effects etc
It is amazing what can be done nowadays to restore and colorize an old image into a fantastic photograph..color makes a huge difference in viewing say your Great Grandparents in color!
Portraits ‘pop” out in realistic skin tones etc

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The People of Walmart site is both funny and depressing.

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