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Have you heard about the Republicans against Trump, You Tube channel?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18887points) 4 weeks ago

There are a lot of people posting on it, claiming that they have been Republicans all their lives , but this next election they won’t be voting for him.

Do you think these are real or is it an evil Democrat hoax?

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Of course it’s a hoax. Everything’s a fucking hoax these days. COVID-19 is a hoax. Racism isn’t real. The moon landing never happened. Gay people are myths. Fuck, I’m pretty sure I’m not real at this point.

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There are some legit Republican groups against Trump that are running ads. I don’t know whether YouTube is but it could be.

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So there really are some sane Republicans, good to know thanks @janbb .

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@SQUEEKY2 You can look up the Lincoln Project started by George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, among other people.

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Most Republicans I know that hate Trump actually agree with most of his policies, they just hate that he’s divisive and makes mean tweets. Most Never Trumpers are the same way.

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