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Today is World Chocolate Day, what is your favorite thing to have in chocolate; milk, caramel, nuts or puffed rice? ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (28334points) July 7th, 2020

I like milk chocolate with almonds or Almond Joy.

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Dark chocolate covered almonds.

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Dairy milk chocolate.
Raisins in chocolate.
Puffed rice in chocolate.
Nuts in chocolate and or almond covered chocolates.
Ice cream with chocolate pieces.
Peanut butter ( Reese) chocolates.
Chocolate cakes, puddings,muffins are great once in a while.
Chocolate cookies etc

Although nice and tasty I limit my amount of chocolates to now mini chocolate bars intermittently.

Weight loss important to me so small amounts are preferred once in a while.

So as long as I can burn off calories in the in between times its OK to indulge responsibly.

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Nothing. I don’t want anything introduced into chocolate to take up space that ought to be filled with chocolate. Besides ruining the texture.

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Hazelnuts and raisins.

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And whole coffee beans.

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I’m about to share something weird about myself. You Jellies are my Fluther Family, so I feel safe here. Be gentle with me, please…

I haven’t eaten chocolate since October 27, 2004, when the Red Sox won the World Series.

All my life, I’d been a Class A chocoholic, eating the stuff every day. When I was a child, I always asked for chocolate birthday cake, with chocolate frosting, and with chocolate ice cream. You get the picture…

I said, for years, that if the Red Sox ever won the World Series, I’d give up chocolate forever. When they did so, I said, “Oops…now I have to do this thing!” I did, and I’ve never broken the promise.

(The truth is, I’m happy with what I did. Just think of the millions of calories I haven’t consumed during the past 16 years!)

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I agree with @ragingloli, nothing like a good choc coffee bean.
The new Keebler Peanut Butter Dreams are amazing, too. (Choc, krispies, pb)

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My favorite is either called Turtles or Pecan Delights. Caramel and pecans covered in milk chocolate. After that is probably Cadbury’s Roast Almond milk chocolate bars.

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^^^ Do penguins enjoy chocolate-dipped fish?

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^^ Gulp! Oh yeah!

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A golden ticket.

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Chocolate covered cherries. YUM!!!

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For u, cme

I love Cadbury bars with almonds and toffee bits.

@Love, I could never bequest such a huge forfeiture to any sport or team.

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Turtles. Milk chocolate with pecans and caramel.

Chocolate covered cherries. I was born on national chocolate covered cherry day!

I like chocolate covered raisins a lot too.

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@JLeslie I’m with you on Turtles and the others too. My Mom and I loved them.

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Turtle good.

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Strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain at Golden Corral.

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