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Do I start Fred Taylor or Justin Fargas?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) September 4th, 2008

I’m leaning towards Fargas. He is playing the Denver D; Taylor, the Tennessee D.

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I will also point out the Taylor was in a minor scuffle with police a couple of days ago and may be distracted. He is consistently underrrated though.

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So underrated. I think I’m going with Fargas, but I don’t feel great about it. Hopefully it’s only a small different either way.

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Wow – this is a tough one. I am going to say that Fred Taylor is the way to go. While both Taylor and Fargas are technically the “starters” they both have guys behind them that are bigger threats in McFadden and MJD. Still, the Jaguars are a great team, and the Raiders are most certainly not. I like Taylor to gor for 80–90 total yards and a score vs. the Titans. I don’t see Fargas doing that. Go with Taylor.

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