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What is something you have done a countdown for, however short or prolonged?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 2 weeks ago

Besides the usual New Year & various explosions :D


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The first thought was New Years. The second was at ball games.

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Waiting for the closing bell on the last day of trading at a stock exchange.

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We have a 17 month old living with us so I do countdowns every time I warm something for him in the microwave.
I hope he doesn’t end up counting backwards!

People in school will not understand when he answers:
How many fingers on are on this hand you have? “6”
How many fingers do you have? “1”

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The remote detonator on the Challenger.

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My cat was born with an undescended testicle or undefended, in this case, as we were going to have him neutered.
My husband and I spent New Year’s Eve waiting for his ball to drop.
It is not the usual for us.

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Moving out of BFE Illinois.

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