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what you do is go to a medical professional for diagnosis and help.

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What are your symptoms?

Best to see a doctor about this.

It can be very disturbing when it first effects your vision. I went to see an eye doctor when I suddenly started seeing a strobe light effects in one of my eyes with no pain. I was told that there’s nothing wrong with my eyes. It was happening in my brain. It’s a silent migraine with no pain. The strobe light effect happens on and off and lasts for less than a half hour. I’m use to it now.

Good health!

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I get a few migraines a year. It’s not enough to be treated. When they are coming on, I either take ibuprofen and drink tea (caffeine) or take headache medicine (which I think is tylenol and caffeine). If it’s bad enough, I seek a quiet and dark room.

I often get an aura, or a sensation that my field of vision is closing in and thing are moving/blurry unless I’m staring directly at them. It’s a bit scary, but at least now I know what’s happening. I’ve been getting them on and off for about 30 years.

I’ve been out of work for migraines a couple of times, where I stayed in bed with a wet, heavy, dark washcloth over my eyes and all curtains pulled shut for a few days.

Migraines can be very debilitating.

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I agree with @Cupcake I get headaches when I have too much or too little caffeine. My friend who has migraines said that a cup of lime juice a day helps her. From the juice isle not the stuff that you put on fish.

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I’ve never heard of a noisy migraine. Either way, best to ask a professional.

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I’d say see a doctor. Those symptoms are nothing to play with.

Although, you haven’t told us what your symptoms are. I am assuming you don’t have everything listed. I would think vision changes warrant a doctor for sure as other jellies have mentioned.

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