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Is it true that milk is bad for your bones?

Asked by gloryglorymanunited (10points) September 4th, 2008

I’ve heard that soda is bad, but my friend told me the other day that it can hurt your bone struture…. is he telling the truth, because I don’t believe him.

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Milk? Or soda?

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I don’t believe him either.

I have been told that the Vitamin D and calcium in milk is indeed good for your bones.

September 4, 2008, 3:22 PM EDT

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I don’t know about milk or soda but go Manchester United.

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Milk is essential for strong bones. Soda has no nutritional value at all.

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< < doesn’t even like futbol but lurves poofandmook’s quip. GA!

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Depending on the content, soda CAN supply nutrients…

September 4, 2008, 3:30 PM EDT

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Dont you remember those commercials Milk it does the body good. Milk has a lot of calcium which is what is necessary for building strong bones.

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[mod says]: Hey all, remember how this site helps people get answers? Save the chat until at least a couple answers have been posted.

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@andrew: That’s a little difficult though, since we don’t know if he’s talking about milk or soda ;)

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Soda can’t hurt your bone structure. Milk is good for your bones. That’s about it..

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The calcium in milk is of course good for your bones. But milk also has a high amount of saturated fat and protein that actually takes away calcium too and thus can help cause osteoporosis. The solution? Try to get your calcium from other non-dairy sources. so yes, your friend is right. For more information, check this medical source

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I’ve heard large amounts of whole milk is not good for little children.

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I think it all depends on portions. Too much of a good thing can end up being a bad thing. If you drink five majillion gallons a day, that might not be so good. I don’t understand how healthy servings can hurt though.

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I found the folowing info here:

Milk: Does It Really Do a Body Good?

It turns out that the relationship between the proteins in dairy products and the calcium in bones is a rocky one. First of all, calcium appears to be ultimately pulled from bones to escort digested animal protein from any source—not just dairy products—on its trek through the body. Since the average American’s diet is protein-heavy to begin with, some experts say that eating lots of dairy foods may actually cause people to lose calcium. “When you eat a protein food, such as milk, you may be swallowing calcium, but you turn around and excrete calcium in your urine,” says Donna Herlock, MD, spokeswoman for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit advocacy group opposed to milk consumption.

To buttress her point, Herlock points to a portion of the Harvard Nurses’ Health study published in the June 1997 issue of the American Journal of Public Health. The study found that women who ate lots of dairy products had higher rates of bone fractures than women who rarely touched the stuff. It suggested that drinking more milk didn’t provide any substantial protection against hip or forearm fractures in middle-aged and older women, writes Diane Feskanich, ScD, a professor at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Mass., and the study’s lead author. “We considered the possibility that dairy protein was responsible for the increase in risk of hip fractures,” she says.

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I should have added in my answer, that proportion is important too. Drinking a glass of milk a day won’t hurt your bones. Especially since American diet is protein heavy as it is. It’s all about moderation like Allie said.

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we should be more worried that growth hormones & god knows what else which goes into cows then goes into the cow body fluid we drink & give to our kids, lots of stuff about re link between milk & breast cancer, enjoy!!

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PnL: Yeah, like I said. <4

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