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Have You Heard of This Crooked Action by the Powers That Be Regarding Covid?

Asked by Aster (19552points) 1 week ago

My daughter has a friend who told her this—then I read the same thing on Facebook. I’ll call her “Jean.”
Jean stood in a very long line to be tested for Covid 19. It was so hot out she and dozens of others dropped out and went home. The next day she got a call that she ” tested positive for the virus.” I then heard that the more people who test positive the more the hospitals get. She posted this experience on Facebook and the post was removed!
Have you heard of this Sin Against All That’s Holy?

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I have not heard that. Facebook is actively taking down postings of unsubstantiated rumors.

If your daughter di don’t get tested, how could she have gotten a call?

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@zenvelo She did not get tested. A friend of hers didn’t get tested either but was told she tested positive. This is not an isolated incident. Other people not tested are being recorded as having been tested positive also who have not gone for a test !

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That’s an urban myth. They usually start with “a friend of a friend…” and are just tall tales designed to shock. Ever heard of the scorpions in the exotic plant?

In this case, the people posting those stories want us to doubt the necessity of protecting ourselves against a dangerous virus and invite distrust in local healthcare services. The setup is ridiculously improbable: if anyone actually wanted to fudge the numbers, why not just use all the tests with negative results and pretend they came back positive? Or report false positives without informing the patients? Calling the very people (the only people!) who would know they did not get tested would be incredibly dumb.

If I were you, I would ask some pointed questions. Which friend is this? Where was she tested? Who called, and how come they had her name without ever testing her? Who gives hospitals money for positive test results, and why?

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I was about to post something but @longgone pretty much beat me to it.

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@longgone she was in line (only) to be tested in our city. My daughter knew her in high school and they talk from time to time. She had to register; that’s how they got her number/name. Who gives hospitals money for positive results? I dont know but I know this is true. It’s all political.

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What @longgone said. And we need to stop this BS in its tracks. We most certainly don’t want to be passing these myths along as fact. There are too many gullible people out there who would believe it.

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Hi Aster!

I’ve seen this many times on my Facebook also.

I’d ask her to produce the paperwork so I can help her file a notice to the state, insurance company if she gave insurance information, the CDC, and HHS, about the fraud.

If it’s fake this rumor needs to be stopped. If it real the fraud needs to be stopped.

Most likely it is an extremists groups just starting another thing to divide people.

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