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Have you seen the twins listen to song for the first time?

Asked by JLeslie (60716points) July 23rd, 2020 from iPhone

They’re young men, brothers, who listen to songs suggested by their followers. I love it! I listened to 20 songs last night and smiled the entire time. Sometimes it’s just one of them, and during covid there is sometimes a third person, maybe it’s a cousin or another brother, I really don’t know.

Here are a few to get you started:

Janis Joplin for the first time.

One of my favorite Dolly Parton songs, Jolene.

Listening to Queen

A lot of the songs by Queen they realize they know it once into it, and they go on about how amazing that group was.

Did you enjoy watching the links? Once you’re on YouTube you’ll see other songs they have listened to, post your favorite.

What songs would you want to suggest to them?


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I love watching them! They’re so open to different types of music, and they don’t seem to start with any type of judgment about the music.

Their reaction to Jolene is my favorite. This one of them listening to the Carpenters ranks high on my list too.

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@tedibear The Carpenters one is great. Is this the first time you’ve seen them?

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I happened across them on a friend’s Facebook post. I introduced their videos to my husband and now he is hooked. :)

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