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What weird thing do you do for fun?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17392points) 1 month ago

I just ordered from an online delivery service and they showed me a map of my home and where the food is coming from. I tried to zoom out and pan north to see if I could make it to the north pole before my food gets delivered.

Humor welcome.

grr. It reset to my apartment before I could make it to the north pole.

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Go diving down dirt roads in the country at night and shoot jack rabbits by headlights with .22 rifles. When you stand by the headlights and shoot down the road, you can see the bullets flying to the target.
Shooting ground squirrels from a car or pick-up truck in the daylight with a .22 pistol is a blast, too.

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I abduct humans to probe them.

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@ragingloli Oh. Glad that you sanitize the probe every time. I’m on a laxative so no probing me this week. Unless you want a mess.

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Stalk people on facebook.

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Brew beer at home.

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I read dusty old books and love every minute.

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