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What was in the second envelope from the U.S. Treasury?

Asked by Jeruba (50168points) 1 month ago

No, it’s not really my business. But never mind that.

About a month ago, an envelope came for my son with a return address from the U.S. Treasury. What showed through the envelope window looked just like the check paper on which my husband and I jointly received our “stimulus” check a couple of months earlier. I assumed my son received a stimulus too, although he didn’t say so.

A few days ago, he got a second envelope that looked similar, but the contents appeared to be plain white paper. Again, he said nothing.

What might have been in the second envelope? If you got the same thing, what was it?

Not looking for jokes today, thanks.

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They were supposed to send a statement / description of what they had mailed previously. I never got one.

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Hmm, neither did I. So it was about verification of receipt?

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I got one, and it wasn’t a verification of receipt; it was a notice that the check had been sent.
Mine arrived 13 days after the check did.

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The second envelope may have been a request for the first envelope to be returned. I assume I may have received a second one as well if I had not immediately returned the stimulus check issued to my mother.

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I received a letter regarding the stimulus, and if I remember correctly it came after I received my money, but I received the money through direct deposit. I don’t remember what the return address was, I only remember that my husband was disgusted that Trump sent us a letter. I think that would have been a White House letter not Treasury, but I don’t remember for sure.

A month ago is long after the initial stimulus came out, unless his was delayed.

Could he be receiving his income tax refund? That was due for filing July 15. That I believe would also come from the Treasury like the stimulus.

Was he receiving money from the government for extra unemployment? The $600? That ended recently, so maybe it could be a letter about that? I am really guessing there, I have no real idea what is going on with the $600.

Those are all the possibilities I can come up with.

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@kritiper, returned? What’s that about?

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@Jeruba My mother had passed away about 18 months earlier.

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Oh. Sorry, I didn’t know.

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I received a letter signed by trump telling me he sent me a check. My check was direct deposited.

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I just received a letter from IRS dept of treasury (It’s mid August now) saying I didn’t pay my taxes and it had penalties and interest. I paid in full on June 15th online.

I’m hoping that gets straightened out easily, maybe this mistake has happened to others. I sent back my confirmation of payment from the IRS site and my bank statement.

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