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Is there a word for "smartest of the smart?" I found the word for the stupidest of stupidities, which is morosis.

Asked by mistic84 (274points) 1 month ago

I was just looking up interesting words and did not find an antonym for morosis.

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Interesting – “moron” must come from the same root.

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Thinking about it, probably “brainiest” is the word that comes closest.

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Superlative intelligence

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Intellectually omnipotent.

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I really wouldn’t expect there to be one. It’s sort of a “How high is up?” question. We can see what’s at the bottom, where our feet are, but we have no idea how much is above our heads.

To express the idea, though, “smartest” seems perfectly adequate. We don’t even need to say “of the smart” unless we want to distinguish it from, say, “smartest of the stupid” or “smartest of the average,” which have no meaning at all.

I agree that it’s an interesting find. New to me too.

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Smarty pants.

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