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Glinda waves her wand, and > poof! < the virus is gone. What is the first thing you do?

Asked by Jeruba (50185points) 1 month ago

You wake up tomorrow in your own bed, and you’re back to the world as you knew it on New Year’s Day 2020 . . . but you haven’t forgotten the past six months.

What is the first thing you want to do?

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Get outdoors and hike or rent a car and travel to visit relatives in another town.

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Go on a vacation in an airplane !

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I would go and give bear hugs to my relatives, especially the many that think my caution is ridiculous.

Then I would meet up with my friends and play board games, eat together, maybe sing. They would all get hugs, too.

Lastly, I’d send my choir director a message saying that I’m more than ready for our next rehearsal.

Now I’m sad.

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Go to my local art house movie theater. And then book a plane to California to see my family.

On Sunday, I would go to the Meeting House to attend services and coffee hour with my congregation.

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Vacation in China. I want to taste some of those bats.

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The very first thing I will do is throw away my masks.

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Change jobs.

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Go to all the buffet restaurants in town.

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Most of the buffet restaurants in my town are boarded up and gone. Sad face :>((

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Hug a bunch of people.

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^^ Take a bite out of the cookieman!

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I go to Burger King.

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Kiss someone.

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I’d want to plan a trip and go see some plays and movies.

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Take off my mask and take down the plexiglas barrier at work. I’m tired of the reflection. After that, there are people to hug and places to go!

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I try to learn more about Glinda and her magic powers.

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Hug relatives and send out about 80 invitations to a party at my place.

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Exploit the munchkins as slave labor.

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Ummmm…. I’d take a long walk and try not to kill myself as I wallow in a shattered identity and perception of reality.

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