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How do I stop feeling average?

Asked by MohamedShameem (50points) August 23rd, 2020

I feel like I have to do something big,but my studies confronts me and making me feel like average. In between,I’m good at studies

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What’s wrong with being average?

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But i feel like i need to be successful

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Lots of average people are successful.

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@MohamedShameem what does success meant to you? I know plenty of “average” people who are successful.

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Hang around stupid people. Or volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter.

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Helping others is a good way to boost your self-esteem.

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You could try thinking about all the people who have lived before you, not leaving much of a mark on this planet at all. A few are remembered for decades or even centuries. But how many of that same generation did nothing but survive, eat, sleep, maybe work? And what’s wrong with that?

We don’t owe the planet for being born.

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Stop comparing your self to other people.

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First, I would distinguish what part of these feelings are about expectations from your family or your own sense of social self-worth based on ideas that aren’t fundamentally yours, and what part of these feelings come from awareness that your true personal calling and gifts are being neglected.

When you find what fascinates you, and that you love doing, then you will thrive in studying and working with that, and the “success” and satisfaction of external expectations and comparisons will happen naturally, instead of being a struggle.

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Get yourself a newspaper subscription and do the Sudoku and crossword puzzles every day.

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Set reasonable goals for each day, and track your improvement.

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Find out what you are good at and focus in on that.
I was like you in college. I marveled at how intelligent other students were and how talented other musicians in the orchestra were. I felt like a retard compared to some of them.

Others students and instructors watched me struggle and complemented me on how hard I worked and my patience and perseverance. It was true that I never give up on things no matter how onerous or massive. I used that ability to achieve a high level of success in life. I’m no great success story but I’ve reached the upper middle class and retired at 65 with 3 pentions and more money in the stock market than I’ll ever spent (“critical mass”).

Good luck to you!

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You stop worrying about it.

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There is no such thing as being average. Every human being is unique. I can prove it. Find someone who is exactly like yourself in every way. You have better odds of winning several lotteries. Even when you think you know someone and thnk you can predict everything about them, you can’t. Why? Because people only show the best of who they are. They hide the who they really are deep inside. Sometimes even hiding it from themselves.

Success for many means being rich. But if you want to be rich you will have to ask yourself why? Imagine for a moment you are super rich. Now what? Do you change to become someone you are not or do you let out who you really are? Do either of those things make you happy? Because you can do either without being rich.

People believe money helps keep away worries. But once you have it you worry that you can lose it and go back to where you started. If you want fame. It will rise and the higher you go up the harder the fall. None of these things bring happiness. Least not true happiness. Real happiness actually comes from life’s little wins and struggles and relationships and kindnesses we do for others.

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