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What are some interesting art forms that i can buy/get that can depict elephants?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) September 5th, 2008

they’re my favorite animal, and im decorating my room with them.

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Zach- too tired to do it for you. Google “African art elephants.” Lots of good stuff.

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sorry about that. i assumed that if i typed in “art” and “elephants” it would give me that gallery of paintings that elephants make 1,000,000,000 times.

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Zach: not sure what you mean. 1^9 hits? Maybe we both need to go to bed.

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Sculptures of the indian god Ganesh are very interesting. He is depicted as an elephant, and you can google it to read the backstory. I picked up a really nice, albiet little, sculpture of him and I love the way it looks.

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Google: Salvidor Dali, Elephants

Then select images. That is one sweet painting! I would link, but I’m on my iPhone. I don’t feel like typing in the URL.

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Try finding something in a Batik print/painting.

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The elephant is a very popular subject. You can find some interesting sculptures of them at import stores such as Pier One or Cost Plus.

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@Marina Sculptures and figurines are two different things!

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Search: “elephant”

Such a great company and the profits go to a good cause! Unique and beautiful.

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What Meatwad said. Salvador Dali’s paintings of elephants blow my mind.

You could also try to track down an elephant’s painting of an elephant. That’d be neat.

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You may have already done this, but ebay has a lot of stuff, if you check it every once and awhile, you may find some unique pieces.

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here is a quilt.

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You could also post a request on your local Freecycle for elephant items.

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If you have a bulletin board, you can glue elephant buttons to the top of the tacks that you use.

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@Meatwad I did not mean figurines. Although there are many types of elephant figurines and they would work well if he is going for an elephant decor. I meant things like elephant stools and large elephant sculptures. Fine art is great, but other choices will work too for decoration.

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Zack; what is your budget? The figurines carved in soapstone by African artisans cost about $6:00 plus S/H. Fine art would require you to dip into your trust fund.

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This seems to me to be a “silly” Question! Elephants have been depicted in every art form that there is—from paintings to tapestries to statues!

If you like elephants, buy depictions of them in any art form that you can afford.

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Target has some things.
Another place I found for you is The Find.

And one more is Aspen Country. Good luck with your search!!

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thanks for all the suggestions. obviously, i didnt search hard enough. i found a great store called Zone where they sell home decor, and they have a lot of things in my taste and budget.

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I love elephants as well and have a sizable collection. Most of it I didn’t get myself. My friends just knew that really had a fondness for them and they started appearing. Just make sure the trunks are upward for good luck.

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