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How can I get access to studio acapellas?

Asked by MaisyS (652points) September 14th, 2020

All right, the story goes somewhat like this. I’m Muslim, and one of our beliefs is music is forbidden. Before people jump on me, not all Muslims believe this, and really, listening to music doesn’t affect your faith in the sense that, you’re still a Muslim even if you listen to music. That aside, just before folklore by Taylor Swift was released I made a personal decision to stop listening to music so I was obviously devastated when folklore was released. But I was not about to start listening to music again, not after making a serious intention to stop.
So there are multiple opinions on what’s forbidden, musical instruments only, or vocals and instruments. I mean, there’s debate regarding whether music itself is forbidden or not but anyway, I am of the belief that it’s only instruments that are forbidden and vocals are fine. Therefore, I WANT STUDIO ACAPELLAS SO BADLY. The filtered versions on Youtube don’t cut it because they have a faint impression of the music in the background which makes me uncomfortable. Does anybody know how I can get my hands on some CLEAN acapellas (all tracks on folklore)? Because how I satisfy my music cravings (I adore music and singing so what I’ve undertaken is very hard for me) is to set rain effects or a stadium effect to a studio acapella and listen to that. I’d appreciate any help you can provide!

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As someone who’s got some familiarity with the industry, I can tell you that unless you have a specific relationship with the artist or the production staff your chances of getting an acapella vocal track would be slim to none. Digital recordings are sometimes layered with effects that extremely subtle, so that even if you got a copy of the original voice recording track it might not bear any resemblance to the finished copy.

If, according to your religious beliefs, you are looking for vocal only, I would respectfully suggest that any filtered version has already been produced with instruments, and even more technology was used to filter out those instruments.

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@Strauss thank you so much for responding, but I’m a little confused as to what you mean by the last part of your response. Do you mind clarifying for me, please? :)

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@MaisyS The second part of my response was addressing the debate concerning what meant when one says music is forbidden. I realize we’re talking faith, and logic is a poor argument where dogma or tradition are concerned. That being said, it seems to me that the prohibition of instruments would indicate any music that can not be produced by the voice. Modern technology has made it so that most, if not all, music heard today has been enhanced electronically. Even the Salat is often amplified electronically.

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@Strauss Ah. It’s not the technology that’s the issue,it’s the sounds produced by instruments. Flutes, drums, guitars, pianos etc. Some Muslims believe musical instruments alone are forbidden and not vocals and vocal harmonies as long as they are not electronically manipulated to sound like instruments (it should be recognizable as a voice), some say vocals too are forbidden. I am of the former belief. The salat is amplified electronically but you can tell it’s a voice. Autotune just to correct pitch is all right I believe (I’m talking to the best of my knowledge as a Muslim, I may be wrong), as long as the voice is still recognizable as a voice. Not like what Travis Scott does where his voice is altered beyond recognition. Music does truly refer to the sounds of literal musical instruments and sounds intended to resemble them such as beatboxing, and electronically produced sounds that sound like an instrument. Harmonies are all right because they are not meant to sound like a certain instrument. Those are just voices melding together to create a lovely sound.

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