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Will the Second Coming be televised?

Asked by LostInParadise (27708points) 1 month ago

Might the news broadcast start like this:

Good evening fellow sinners and Apocalypse survivors, who have also been left behind. To ease (or possibly exacerbate) your suffering, we have some footage for you of Jesus walking on water and raising the dead. We were not sure if he would show up on camera, but have not had any problems so far.

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They will probably more in likely try.
FOX will be first.

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No. People flipped out over an accidentally exposed nipple.
They will never show someone coming, let alone coming twice.

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No, but it will be on Youtube just as soon as the upload is successful

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No. There will be no way to prove that Jesus is who he says he is so why would they waste air time on some phony bologna?

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No, I hope that e gets voted out.

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If it’s quick it will be on TikTok.

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I sure hope so because I’d truly love to see the sirprised faces!

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