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What forms are needed for my Non Profit?

Asked by bizarrefish26 (121points) September 19th, 2020

So I am trying to start a Non-Profit but I want to know what all is needed to be able to make it official.

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You’ll need an accountant and minutes from corporate meetings and your non-profit incorporated and corporate by-laws and a board of directors.

Name registered with the state you live in.

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I’m a member of a couple organizations that became non-profits 501 ( c ) 3. One took 20 months and almost $2500 for filings, lawyers, CPA and documents. The other had a grant writer that also set-up non-profits as her business, she did it free for us. That on took 2 years.

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I think you might be putting the cart before the horse there. It’s going to be difficult to run any kind of business, even/especially a 501( c), when you’re homeless. Get your life together, get yourself rooted and established somewhere for awhile, then perhaps you can see about starting a non-profit.

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I am employed now. I just got approved for financing on a new car so im focusing on that because that will allow me to keep my job.

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That’s a good start.

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