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How long do I have to file a police report?

Asked by bizarrefish26 (121points) September 19th, 2020

A few weeks ago I had my laptop stolen from me at Walmart. I bought the laptop at Aaron’s in Scranton on credit and I called the store I bought it at and they told me i’m still liable because i didn’t purchase insurance I never was told about or had no clue existed. Can I still file a police report and is there a way to do it anonymously?

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I’m baffled that you didn’t report it at the time.

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I wasn’t able to @Darth_Algar because I have to report to the police barraks in the area and was out of state. Plus at the time I didn’t know that Aaron’s was gonna side wall me.

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Sidewall you? For all they know you sold it. That’s why you should have gotten a police report at the time it happened.

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Report it now.
Worst case, nothing happens.

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I’m with @MrGrimm888. There probably isn’t anything that can be done, but at least you will have reported it. If you have a serial number of the laptop, even better. But as @Darth_Algar said…I’m a little puzzled why you didn’t report it at the time. Forget that you were out of state or whatever the other circumstances were. If it was stolen, you tell the police. They may never recover it, but at least you have a police report showing it was stolen. If you sold it and then filed a police report…that would make no sense. So it lends credibility to your claim. However, you are still probably going to be liable for the cost to Aarons.

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Like it or not, you are liable. That is the agreement you make, insurance or not. When you rent-to-own the item remains their property, entrusted into your care, until it is paid off. They could decide that you are simply refusing to pay for the item, as agreed, and thus have effectively stolen the item yourself. That is why you need to file a police report. That you have already waited weeks, frankly, does not look good for you. But nevertheless you should still file one immediately. The longer you wait the worse it looks.

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Check for statue of limitations for this type of report & the State you’re claiming in you might be SOL! Chalk it up as lesson learned for there’ll be many in life, stay safe

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You should file the police report in the town where the laptop was stolen from (the town where Walmart is). You are liable to pay off the laptop to the owner (Aaron’s). That’ should go without saying – you rented it, you are responsible for it. You lose it or get it stolen, you have to pay for it.

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you should check and see if maybe it’s covered under that.

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