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I used to like AltaVista, and I still like Google. 20 years ago My favorite search engine was Netscape. Yahoo is ok.

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@flo I am only using Google now. I only use Yahoo for email.

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I heard Google is good for…and Bing is good for…and another one that starts with D….

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I use . They respect your privacy and do not track you.
Google, on the other hand, is notorious for tracking and sharing your search requests with others.
I have added duckduckgo to my Firefox browser and made it my default.

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That’s what it is duckduckgo. And there’s Bing.

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So what goes in the blank?

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Duck Duck Go is supposed to be more private. I like it.

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Another vote for DuckDuckGo.

Protip: if you add “G!” In your search query it will search in Google for you.

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I generally use google and yandex

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Duckduckgo now has over 13,000 shortcuts to different search engines. They call them “Bangs”
For example !G brings you to google, !A is amazon search, !F is facebook search. etc.
Here is a list duckduckgo Bangs
New ones can be submitted using the supplied form.

(Maybe someone here can submit a bang for Fluther. !fluther)

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