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When playing sports what memories do you have?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) September 23rd, 2020

I never scored in baseball, soccer, floor hockey. In fact I only scored on my own net. Several times.

I was ok in basketball.

I also was frustrated when my teammates played keep a way during practice.

I was usually defence.

I have two sliver medals (pewter) for soccer.

In wrestling I could not break a hold and when was on the ground I couldn’t escape.

I was ok in rapier fencing.

I had lots of first place ribbons, in track and field, that did not mean anything after a point. It wasn’t fair on my classmates seeing I had my growth spirt early.

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I played little league baseball for a couple years in elementary school. I remember being the crappiest hitter on the team. I was tall and lanky, but my coordination hadn’t matured and I couldn’t hit worth a damn.

I was OK as a second baseman and shortstop.

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The first time I played organized baseball I was ten. The rec league was for fifth through eighth grade. My first real at bat the pitcher was Duffy Wallach, who was 13 and had been pitching since third grade. His first pitch was an inside fastball. I almost shit my pants.

But I did manage to foul off one pitch before being struck out. I still remember the feeling when the bat hit a ball thrown very hard.

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Even though since early childhood we were sent outdoors and was active but in grade 6 we were bored and sedate in activities that were not active until at age 13/14 yrs old met a rough and tough minded 16 year old girl who taught us the hard way how to become more active in sports.
In softball she threw her baseball so hard that others would not be pitcher because it hurt even through a glove.
Next it was my turn to pitch and receive her throw back balls from behind the batter, I also had NO glove.
At first it stung but I threw it equally hard to her and the competition was on! ( LOL)
We ended becoming very good friends and she gave me a used Glove as a peacemaking gesture.
She was Native and grew up in a very hard life and we both ended up admiring each other in Provincial competitions. She always won, she was good but her inability to accept being in a all white school and she and the other four natives left the school.
It was a nice friendship, short as it was and we both came away respecting each others abilities no mater what race. Her name was Mildred, and I remember her vividly and reminded that we learn from everybody in our lives.

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Sports was all I did from the time I could walk, so I have a lot of memories. Mostly good ones.

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Lots of fond memories.
But. I tore my ACL, MCL, and my meniscus, in my right knee, playing football….

It took me about a year and a half, to recover.
That sucked…..

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My main sport was competitive volleyball. One play that still amazes me is I went up to block the hit, which I did, but the ball dropped on my side right in front of me. I was still in the air and I bent my legs at the knees and just dropped straight down to the floor in a kneeling position and dug that ball right out of there and put it back into play. (A block is not considered a hit and I had knee pads on.)

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One time another player on my team and I both dove for the same ball. We were sliding across the floor not realizing the other was doing the same, and we were on a collision course. At the same instant we both said, “To hell with the ball!” and wrapped our arms around our heads to protect ourselves from the inevitable wreck!

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Playing softball in 6th grade. I was the pitcher. This on hit came just off to my right. I took one step over and caught the ball bare handed.

I also remember Roxann Taylor started shaving her legs! Scandalous.

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I played tennis, though not very well. One time we were playing doubles and I was at net. I saw a ball heading toward my face. The next thing I remember was seeing the ball bounce on the other side. I must have hit it, but I have no recollection of it. It was all self-defensive reflexes.

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My ex was kind of an ass. He was always bragging on himself.
One time he and I played tennis with another couple from work. It was girls against guys.
At the end of the game…which we lost by 1 point…my husband stuck his chest out and boasted “I think we played a really good game!”
His friend said “Well we were playing against girls and one of them (me) is 6 months pregnant. THEY’RE the ones who played a hell of a game. They almost beat us!”

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I remember working out too. I played football, since I was 8 years old. My coach was a hard ass. Practice always sucked.
It was constant running, and working out.
In high-school, more running, and weight lifting. It was SO boring, and we had to do lots of contact drills. I was always sore.

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I loved the work outs.

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^I still work out. I just don’t run, and I don’t have to smash into 300 pound guys, over and over…

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