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Will there be a "twindemic" this flu season?

Asked by Strauss (21031points) 3 weeks ago

Various news outlets (NBC, New York Times, Boston Globe, USA Today, for starters) have been reporting the possibility of a serious outbreak of seasonal flu in the midst of the current COVID pandemic, coming up with the mashup word “twindemic”.

Is this fear mongering, or is there a real danger?

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On one hand, there’s always a flu season.

On the other hand, a lot of people have adopted a germophobic lifestyle.

But if that were thorough enough, we wouldn’t have 5-digit numbers of new Covid cases in the US every day.

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Make sure to get a flu shot. That will help.

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The tests will be for Flu and COVID-19 in that order.

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Every reason to believe we will have a very low caseload of flu.

Combined with cases of covid though it will all add up and create some strain on the health system.

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“hope for the best, expect the worst”

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I’ll admit I posted the q as a knee-jerk after seeing the headlines. It seems that the social distancing and masking due to the COVID pandemic will have a suppressive effect on the other seasonal flus.

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Logic would suggest the opposite !!! For those who succumb to Covid are people who won’t succumb to normal flu. I expect flu deaths to be much less. This is just logic and logic doesn’t cover all the data.

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That is not logical @LogicHead. They’re two separate viruses. Covid 19 won’t make flu antibodies and vice versa. If they did getting a flu shot would protect you from C19. It doesn’t.

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