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Is the rest of the world allowing a genocide to take place in China?

Asked by Demosthenes (12765points) September 27th, 2020 from iPhone

Is it the responsibility of other nations to do something about a genocide? I’m referring specifically to what is happening to the Uyghurs in China. Is there anything that can be done about it and if so, what? Is the U.S. taking enough action against China?

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There are over 7.5 billion people on this planet. A good genocide or two won’t hurt a thing…

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What should we do? Offer the Uyghurs political asylum? Does that sound like Trump?We’ve transferred all the jobs to China, where would the refugees work? Since all of our former factories are now in China, sanctions (just like tariffs) only serve to either drive up the prices at Walmart or empty the shelves of consumer goods. Remember “AMERICA FIRST”

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Genocide, has been constant in history.
It should be stopped.
But. Why is America responsible, every time.

When the US military gets involved, we are also committing genocide. AND, typically, creating more problems….

History is full, of people fighting back, against such evil. I wish that it was as simple as the US, just stopping such things. But. It’s not our business, or responsibility.
Getting involved with this specific situation, would mean war with China. That would not be good.
China, is presently active in several violations of different human rights, and laws.
If military action is needed, it should be by their own population and, their neighboring countries.
We already have 200,000 dead, from the CV-19. Who knows how many people will die, fighting China….
Not to mention, our current administration, and it’s ineptitude….
The US, is in NO shape, for another war….
And honestly, no country is…

This is an important subject. I agree.
However. We have to deal with the pandemic first…..
Then. We can talk about policing the world.

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It sure seems like it. Calling them terrorists who need reeducation (85 camps?), destroying mosques, outlawing beards and veils?
I don’t have a full picture of the ‘crimes’ by the government either.

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Yes, the world is letting it happen. But @stanleybmanly is correct. Unless we intend to do invade and overthrow China, there isn’t much we can do.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump somehow acquiesced in this genocid, by agreeing not to call the Chinese out for some reason or another..

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What we could try to do is negotiate through the diplomatic process. It’s not a guarantee to work, but we could try.

A war will end in nuclear genocide, and everyone ends up dead, not just the Chinese Muslims.

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^I would LOVE to think diplomacy has a chance, to solve this.
But. We both know that it will not work….
We either dive into war, with China, or let them do their thing.

The US, hasn’t challenged MANY genocidal acts from other countries. Why risk a terrible war, over this one?

I take no pride in saying, “it’s their problem.”

But. Think of how the US, overcame British opposition.

We had to fight for it. There was some foreign help. But. Mainly, we had to come together and defeat them….

As history recounts, it doesn’t always work out as it should. But. That doesn’t mean that it is not worth trying for.


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