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What is the name of the gesture that Joe Biden gave to Trump in last night's debate? (P&R)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) September 30th, 2020

Joe Biden said bring it on then did the gesture.
Rubbing his fingers together.

It is also the money sign.

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I think he was demonstrating how Trump masturbates.

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That makes no sense to me to use that gesture.
Was that at the end or ? I want to see it.

The money gesture, more commonly known as the “Pay Me” gesture, is signalled by repeatedly rubbing one’s thumb over the tip of the index finger and middle finger. This gesture resembles the act of rubbing coins or bills together and is generally used when speaking about money.

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@KNOWITALL I will search. It was in the early part of the debate.

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I found it! 55:10 in video First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden On YouTube.

Lets take this debate “unintelligible”. I thought he said outside. Maybe someone can check the link and what word Biden used?

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At 55;05 – 55–11 Biden says “well lets have this debate” then gives the hand/finger movements of what in the 1980’s meant “bring this on” ( outside.)

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In his mind, he was flipping trump a bird, but he maintained enough sense to do it politely so nobody could prove it

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