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Parents won't let me start a GoFundMe?

Asked by anonyMouse1234 (26points) October 1st, 2020

Hi, I was trying to earn some money recently, when I came across GoFundMe. I heard you can start one for personal uses and for creative arts, and that’s exactly what I need. I want to film a movie, but I need a bit of equipment. When I asked my parents about this (I asked them because I’d have no way to cash the money out) they said no. Why do you think this is? There’s no way to earn money for me and I don’t get an allowance. What can I say to convince them to let me do this?

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Can you sell some of your stuff to buy the necessary equipment?

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Sorry if this isn’t how I’m supposed to respond to you:
@gorillapaws I wouldn’t get far enough I’ve researched it but I’d have to wait a few years before most of my stuff becomes valuable.

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How old are you?

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I’m somewhere between (just being careful) 11 and 15.

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Well, you have to be over 13 to use this site and I don’t think we really can come between you and your parents. Maybe you can do some jobs around the house, babysit or ask for birthday presents to earn the money.

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You have to listen to your parents. @janbb gave good advice above. Save up.

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GOFUNDME won’t let you start a frivolous account either.

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I think making movies is a great idea and you should absolutely pursue it!

It may not require all of the equipment you think it does to get started though. Remember that there are some great movies that were made on very low budgets. Most cell-phones can record video, and you can probably find a used one pretty cheaply. Also, there is a lot more that goes into making a film than just filming the scenes. You have to draft a script, storyboard all of the scenes with a plan for each shot, frame and angle, work with your actors so they understand the characters, film the scenes, edit them all together, run post-production effects, re-record audio from your actors if necessary to overdub, arrange a screening of your film, etc.

A lot of this can be done on an old smartphone. I’m sure you could find some stuff to sell or chores to do to work up enough money for one.

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I think it’s great that you are creative. However, I don’t think you should start a go fund me account to realize your dreams. You should work for the money to see your dreams come true and they will be more appreciated.
Or, in other words, don’t beg for money, work for it.

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I think it is great you want to film a movie! I see really good advice above.

Save your money. Maybe ask for money gifts if you usually get birthday and holiday gifts, or maybe the camera can be a holiday gift?

Can you work a little in your neighborhood cleaning leaves or some other venture that is safe with covid out there?

For now, you can write down your ideas for the film and organize yourself. Maybe there are used cameras that are not very expensive?

Before you buy anything show your parents what you want to buy, let them help you make sure everything is ok with the purchase.

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Why should anyone just give you money? If it took me x hours to earn, say, $100, why should those earnings (and therefore, in effect, those spent hours of my life) belong to you?

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You might be able to borrow some decent equipment for free, if you are truly serious about becoming a filmmaker.

Here are some places to look:

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Working for what you want these days isn’t as easy as the 60 year old women here want you to believe. They are out of touch with current reality. Don’t listen to them. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

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@Jeruba Have you never helped someone in need who had a desire to learn? Why be a curmudgeon?

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@Stache: The OP says he or she is “between the age of 11 and 15.” According to the rules of Facebook, which is where the GoFundMe would be, in order to have a FB profile you must be 13 or older. So the OP may not even be eligible to be on FB or start a GoFundMe.

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@Stache, asking the question makes me a curmudgeon? My history of making donations is not relevant. If this child can’t answer why anyone should just hand him or her money, that seems like a good reason to refrain—especially if for their own reasons the parents don’t want him or her to have it.

I would have been very much opposed to someone’s handing my 13-year-old a sum of cash. Wouldn’t you?

Or how much would you sign up to donate to this youngster who has no apparent plan and no demonstrable need, just a want?

Letting kids think that wanting something is all the reason they need for getting it leads down a very dark path.

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Smacks of entitlement to me.

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Late to this. No frakking way would I have let my 13 year old ask strangers for money so she can buy an expensive toy.

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