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What is the name of the machine in my avatar?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) October 3rd, 2020

I will keep my avatar for a week or till we figure out what this machine is.

My guess is a pile driver or some kind of auger.

It drills holes in the ground and leaves what looks like metal or concrete in the hole.

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It would help if you rotated the image 90ยบ clockwise.

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That’s a bunny thing.

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It won’t rotate. I took 10 different pictures at different angles. It just won’t work properly. Sorry.

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I spent 30 minutes trying to fix it. I had to give up because it was frustrating me.

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A trebuchet like this or a guillotine !

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@Tropical_Willie It is in a construction site. It isn’t a trebuchet or a guillotine. It is like a crane but puts holes in the ground. Sorry for the poor picture. I will give up for now. Changing my avatar back to Psyduck and Herman cartoon for now.

I might try again when the sun rises and glare is minimal.

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@Tropical_Willie Ok a Jelly sent me this photo. It is very much like my avatar. I will keep for a while. Is it a pile driver?

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It looks like a pile driver.

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It could be a pile driver. I have seen machines similar here that drill large holes to set pilings in concrete or to set drain pipes in the ground for sewage treatment plants.

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Pile driver used for piers and seawalls.

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