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Block ads in the iOS Reddit app?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) October 8th, 2020 from iPhone

Very tough to google because you just end up with discussions held on Reddit about iOS in general. Reddit is the only app I care about blocking ads on. I’m not jailbroken and I don’t have a raspberry pi. FYI it would be equally good to just be able to block Reddit ads from a few specific users/sources (I’m fine with ads overall but there are a few I can’t stand seeing that I see daily – doesn’t matter whether I have personalized ads turned on or off.)

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Do yourself a favor and get the Apollo app for iOS. It is a Reddit client and is pretty much the only way I can tolerate reddit on my phone.

And the Devoloper is just a overall great person that frequently donates all the money from the app to his local animal shelter. And the app is very good.

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Thank you, I should’ve said I tried the third-party clients I could find. Apollo is so elegant but it’s missing a few really basic functions, most importantly the ability to block users (it has only a labor-intensive manual process for this). Given the communities I need on Reddit, my ability to tolerate Reddit depends on freely and easily blocking other users.

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