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What seeds are not in the two major seed vaults in the world?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) October 14th, 2020

Like weeds or narcotics? Or is everything included?

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Oh, I thought the seeds were all for fruits, vegetables, wheat, but now you make me realize it might be for medications too. Maybe even flowers and trees. I’ll be following this Q.

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I would assume cheat grass would not be included. Goat head might be another. Spurge might be another.

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I see no reason why narcotics wouldn’t be included, as most do have some some medicinal function. Besides, the purpose of seed vaults is to preserve genetic diversity among plant life. The nonsensical and draconian laws some countries may have against certain plants is of no concern to that end.

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There are no sinsemilla seeds in the vaults.

Sinsemilla doesn’t have seeds :)

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“But banana trees (actually giant herbaceous flowering plants) work differently. Every season, the plant dies after its fruit is harvested, and the small bulbs (called the suckers) growing out of the plant’s underground rhizome (called the corn) are then replanted, and new plants grow. Put simply, bananas don’t have seeds because they don’t need them.” – - The Daily Meal

@zenvelo “Contrary to what some may think, sinsemilla cannabis does not refer to a specific strain, subtype, or geographic location. The word is simply used to describe seedless cannabis flowers that come from unfertilised (sic) female plants.” – – Royal Queen Seeds

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