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How do I cook a yam and sweet potato and lots of yellow potatoes in the electric frying pan with two frozen chicken quarter's?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) October 14th, 2020

For one person. Only have salt and pepper.

I will dice and cook now.

Will Update later.

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Udpate: had to toss the potatoes. Turned to brown smelly liquid. Yam and sweet potato are fresh though. Only put one in to cook.

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My cookbook says not to cook frozen chicken because it doesn’t cook evenly, leaving some parts overdone, other parts underdone.

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@YARNLADY My family said that It is ok to cook frozen chicken quarter’s in the electric frying pan as long as it is on low and cooked longer.

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Update: Over cooked the chicken and burnt the sliced yam. Only ate what was salvageable.

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I thaw frozen chicken in the refrigerator 24 hours before I want to cook it. Not a scientific finding, it’s a rule of thumb that works for me.

Thanks for the reminder of sweet potatoes. I used to make them a lot but it’s been a while. A great vegetable for fall.

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In the future:

Thaw the chicken before attempting to cook. Salt and pepper the chicken, then put two Tablespoons olive oil in the skillet and heat to medium. brown on one side, about 8 to 10 minutes, then flip over and cook the other side for same amount of time.

While chicken is cooking, peel the sweet potato and yam with a potato peeler, then dice them into medium chunks about ¾ inch per side.

When the chicken is done, add some chicken broth, about 1½ cups (30 ml) to the pan, and bring to a simmer. Add the sweet potato and yam to the chicken, and simmer for twenty minutes. Cover with aluminum foil while simmering. After twenty minute should be ready to eat.

Cook a green vegetable while the chicken is cooking.

Next time, be prepared and get a jar of curry sauce and a can of coconut milk to cook the chicken in instead of the broth. And use smaller pieces instead of a quarter chicken.

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