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What are affordable laptop accessories and gadgets that you would recommend?

Asked by Justincullen (66points) October 15th, 2020
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I like to use a mouse and external monitor when I use my laptop at home. I carry a mouse and use it when I have desk space on the road. A monitor isn’t inexpensive but if you already have one the necessary cable can be.

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Cooling pad for laptop to sit on.

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Wireless USB mouse. Thumb drives for backups and file transfer.

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Cooling pad for laptop to sit on

I have been using a $7 cookie sheet for a laptop desk.

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I have a friend who used a bowl of ice as a computer stand, to keep a certain laptop cool enough to not shut itself down from overheating.

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Oh I just got an iQunix aluminum stand that I wish I’d gotten years ago (and super wish I’d had in the heat of this summer) – best $16 I’ve spent on an accessory.

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