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How do I prevent calls and visits?

Asked by Typewords (4points) October 18th, 2020

I used a cell phone number for gmail and featurepoints sign up/verification. somehow the people at the company traced the home phone number

I was completing tap research surveys on featurepoints every day and the person I live with was mad because there were so many unsolicit callers calling the home phone. I think the calls are from agreeing/completing featurepoint/tapresearch surveys and some people from the research firms etc will call the survey completer to offer him or her useful things. and they might contact the survey completer online/email or by visits etc

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Can’t you block them?

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You probably need to change your home phone number if your roommate agrees with that.

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Changing your number is the only solution.

I had something similar happen when I tried inquiring about a $60 – per – month healthcare plan offered by my state. I should have been suspicious when I realized the area code was for Georgia, not my state of Tennessee. Anyhow, spammer calls offering me insurance went nonstop—seriously—about every 2–4 minutes.

Because these are all different soliciters, @Inspired_2write there is no way to block them. I was getting about ten calls per hour—all different soliciters.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but changing your number is about the only thing you can do if these are all different callers.

If you can muster it effectively, tell them that you will sue for unsolicieted calls from them in the future.

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” used a cell phone number for gmail and featurepoints sign up/verification. somehow the people at the company traced the home phone number”

They don’t do that that I know of – - – because there is no connection between cell phone number and land-line.

Change your land-line phone number.

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Purchase a call blocker, like this or like this. I’ve been meaning to buy myself one. I don’t want to keep paying for call blocking service on my phone. One time price and it’s done. There are a bunch more. Research it and see which one is best for you.

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Get an answering machine (or service) and screen all of your calls. (I have a Caller ID unit next to my chair.)

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@kritiper All an answering machine does is keep you from talking to them. The calls still keep coming from aggressive spammers representing dozens of groups—plus, you have to erase them from your answering machine

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Get “NoMoRobo” or equivalent !. Free from my phone provider and they also have a “Block” page I can access to block other phone calls, max of thirty numbers blocked.

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Get a new number

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@Yellowdog You go by the answering machine anyway, so hit the delete button on your way past.
Sure the calls keep coming but you don’t have to get up every time the phone rings.

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Also, I’ve found that if it’s a robo caller that’s ringing the phone, they won’t even get all the way through my greeting message before hanging up.

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