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What's your favorite Jelly Belly?

Asked by simone54 (7624points) September 6th, 2008
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All of them! (sorry, I just can’t pick one). Wait. I HATE popcorn and the jalapeno pepper one. After that, I LOVE all of them.

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I love the pear and cantaloupe ones. My grandma always had a huge garden she tended on her own. She always grew cantaloupes. When she died I was at her funeral. I had some jelly bellies in my pocket. Standing at her graveside I pulled one out of my pocket.
I popped it in my mouth and It was a cantaloupe one. I started bawling my eyes out. It reminded me of her so much. It was the only jelly I ate that day too.

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Cotton Candy!

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Santa Claus—he brings me gifts!

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Tutti Fruitti

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Sylvester the Cat and Woody Woodpecker. Let the cartoon war begin!

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Strawberry Daqueri!!!

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As long as they’re from the US (the European ones just don’t have as much of that simulated flavor – grrr@EU regulations on additives), all but root beer and cinnamon.

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wildflower – can I have your cinnamon ones then?

MarshallO – good answer (Santa Claus). :0)

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@wildflower. Thanks!

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so, cinnamon for autumn and root beer for marshall? Do I get your cotton candy or candy floss (can’t remember what they call them) ones?

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@wildflower – Oh geez. That’s a tough one. My daughter’s favorite ones are the cotton candy. I’ll give you half – how’s that? (dont’ tell her though! LOL!)

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