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Do you get tired of all the insults that fly around?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44638points) October 21st, 2020

Baby boomers insult the younger generation, the younger generation insults the boomers. It’s like everything has to carry some sort of insult.
I belong to a 70s page, and we were talking about jacks, the game. A boomer goes, “I wish I could find some REAL jacks, not like the ones they have now.”
Almost immediately I found her some REAL jacks on Amazon.

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I think I’m immune. I hear so many nasty people, in person or online, griping and insulting each other, that I just tune it out. It’s noise.

Life is too short to care about whiners.

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I do, but its been around in some for decades. Back in the day the Oldsters used to trash the long hairs or hippies. The Beat Generation trashed the oldsters. I had a girlfriend in H.S. who called her parents dinosaurs, and so life goes.

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Sadly, hostility toward the “other”, particularly if you’re threatened by them, is old as dirt.

Ya know…like the Boomers. ~

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Yes, I do. As a country we are better than that. I sincerely hope it stops soon. Not holding my breath though.

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