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Is the saying "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" true at your house?

Asked by Jeruba (52829points) October 21st, 2020

And are you the mama?

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LOL yeah, pretty much. So I do the best I can to keep her happy. I’ve leaned over the years, when a little butt kissing is necessary. Or I just take her to her favorite eatery. Assuming it’s dining in these days. Damn Covid.

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No I’m the papa.

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No. I’m single and live by myself.

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Yup. Happy wife, happy life.

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@filmfann Truer words were never spoken… : )

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Yeah, mostly because I’m the mama, and the only other one here is the dog. :-)

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Not only is it true. It’s the law! And no, I’m not mama. EVERYONE knows who’s the queen around here as well as the gruesome penalties for any failure in acknowledgement of her majesty’s sovereignty.

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If mama ain’t happy, papa ain’t either, and vice versa.

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Reason enough to be divorced.

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@filmfann “Yup. Happy wife, happy life.” (For the wife!)

“A man isn’t complete until he’s married. Then he’s finished!” (I don’t know who said that…)

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@kritiper: I’ve heard “first the engagement ring, then the wedding ring, then the suffering.” haha

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Sigh and accept it. Altogether now “Yes dear”.

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I, too, am my own Mama so that’s definitely true in my house (and I don’t even have a doggie.)

And I am amazed at all the long suffering, poor oppressed husbands we have on Fluther. Guess nobody’s ever worried about your happiness nor trying to please you.

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@janbb I’m fine, if my wife and I didn’t get along and do things tit for tat, we wouldn’t have been together 40 years. All good here : )

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I’m a widow who lives alone, so when mama ain’t happy, I’m miserable!!!

I used to work for a man who spoke those words daily except he usually said “When mama ain’t happy then everybody is going to be miserable.” He worked very hard to keep his wife happy. They had 3 daughters & 6 grand kids & he said when that many people were miserable that his day was shot to hell!!!

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