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Can I use any pink lightbulb for my plants?

Asked by JLeslie (62390points) October 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

My plants need more sun, and I know pink lights are good for plants. I googled and in places like Home Depot they have several pink lightbulbs, but how do I know it’s the right thing for plants?

Can you recommend a brand? I want just a regular size bulb to put in a lamp I already have.

Is there any dangers to human beings?

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You need Grow Bulbs like these from Home Depot.

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Will the pink light be in your bedroom?

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This is the best grow light that I’ve ever had!!! It’s a red/blue spectrum LED lights. I doubt that it will fit a lamp that you already own; but I only paid $20 for it & the grow light bulbs that you can buy, will probably cost that much. I’ve been using it for about 1–½ years & I’ve not had a bulb go out, so I’ve got NO clue how easy/hard it will be to change when the time finally comes. Also, I’ve been using it on air plants because I don’t get good direct sunlight in my home & that’s what air plants thrive on.

Back in the 70’s I had an inside office where I worked & I had a ton of plants that were growing sickly due to lack of sunlight. The building’s maintenance supervisor exchanged my fluorescent light bulbs from just white to 1 white/1 blue & my plants just about took over my office. He claimed that he had discovered quite by accident that 1white/1 blue gave the plants the same light as direct sunlight. My plants were growing so well that people were bringing me their sick plants to see IF I could save them. After a couple days under my DIY grow lights, their plants would perk back up. Once healthy again, I sent them back to their owners. I told you that so you can have maybe a different way at looking for light bulbs. Maybe a combination of colors could give you the same results as direct sunlight.

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