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Should I get help from the Mods to retrieve an older account?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7577points) October 28th, 2020

I was reading some old threads recently, and found one of my old answers from back in 2017. I was generously offered assistance from a mod to restore my old account. Is it worth the trouble? Does anyone know any jellies who have attempted that? I don’t want to blow myself out of the water for good, been there almost done that?

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I’ve done it before. Ultimately, though, I decided on a new account because Caravan is my favorite band and I wanted to showcase them in my username, as well as post some songs on my profile.

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I would. I mean, I don’t see why not?

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@SergeantQueen Well, its just that even with the help of the mods, I might find a way to mess things up. My computer/tech skills aren’t the best. They’re almost non existent. But I’m mulling it over….

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Mess what up? I’m confused

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@SergeantQueen I mean mess my whole account up. I already locked myself out of here for a year, because I logged off one day and forgot my dang password. I might screw myself up beyond repair if I try to get an old account back. I only wanted to do it because I was greedy for lurve anyway.

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^ There wouldn’t be anything more to mess up than right now – you’d just use your old account instead of this current one. It’s not like you’d suddenly be able to break Fluther.

Also, if you do forget your password, we can always reset that for you.

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@longgone Ok then, I might go through with that then. Have tp be next week sometime, I have a long week end at work ahead.

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Some browsers, such as Firefox, store your logins and passwords.
Your old ones still might be there.

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@Nomore_lockout: Even though the computer may store your password, I always write it down (which might be the old-fashioned way) but I keep a book with passwords in it, and when I change them, I make sure to write that in the book too. Also, when setting up accounts and they ask you to choose security questions or to put information like your birthdate, I write down what the questions and answers were, in the book, so I can keep track.

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@jca2 Good advice. And it’s obvious that I can’t rely on my memory anymore. Getting old sure ain’t for sissies…

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