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What is the best tasting sliced meat from a deli ?

Asked by Aster (20002points) October 28th, 2020

i have gotten two kinds of ham and neither were very good. Bologna beats them out of the ballpark. Is there anything as good as bologna? I know it’s horrible for your health.

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It’s a matter of personal taste. My favorite is thin sliced roast beef served with swiss on rye.

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I like olive loaf! You get your veggies with your meat. Two food groups!
Liverwurst is good too.

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It all boils down to personal preference.

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I like buffalo chicken sliced on a number 3 thickness.

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Yes, personal preference. For instance, I would love @elbanditoroso‘s roast beef and Swiss , but only on a real whole grain whet bread with lettuce….

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Liverwurst, Veal loaf and Olive loaf in that order.

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Actually, the best tasting deli meat is one that doesn’t make you sick

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Corned beef on rye, once or twice a year (that is my yearly beef consumption). With pickles and with celery tonic, which is getting hard to find.

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I prefer deli meat ends. When available.

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“Is there anything as good as bologna?”

Literally anything is better. Well, maybe not Spam. I dunno. Kind of a toss up there as to which is worse.

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@LostInParadise I’ll share your sandwich but only with Dr Brown’s Black Cherry soda.

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Boars Head low salt ham
Boars Head Virginia Bakes Ham
Publix Roast Beef
National Deli Pastrami
National Deli Corned Beef

If you don’t have those brands I can’t vouch for anything except maybe hard salami, which is usually good every brand.

Hebrew National Salami sold near the hot dogs is really good too.

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@janbb , Have you ever had Dr. Brown’s Celery Tonic? Nothing like it.

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@LostInParadise I’d be willing to try it.

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It’s hard to beat turkey.
I like a Subway foot-long turkey with everything, including peppers, but not the hot peppers, then smother it with sour cream. (drool, drool)
I feel a sudden urge to go to Subway…

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Some nice spicy salami.
Or some Prosciutto, Black Forest Ham and Serrano ham.

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In the US: Spicy Lebanon bologna
In Europe: see @ragingloli‘s answer

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^^^^^^ PP I think we used to have that in New Jersey. I havent heard it mentioned in over sixty years !! Roast beef sounds great. I will buy that on Sunday! Thanks!

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@Tropical_Willie None of our meat preferences are particularly healthy but that is not the point. I think we need to make some sandwiches!
I’ll see if I can find some veal loaf. and give it a try.

If the sandwich is going to be hot then I favor pastrami or corned beef.

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Husband is roast beef guy.
I’m more of a thin-sliced smoked chicken, but I dont really love cold cuts. Usually I have genoa salami and crackers instead. Preferably with local goat cheese-yum!
Bologna IS really bad for you.

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@LuckyGuy Depending on your food ethics you may want to pass on veal. I grew up on a farm, veal makes me sad.

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Children do have the best meat.

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@Aster Lebanon bologna is typically found in Pennsylvania, although we’ve been able to obtain it in Va. and Tn.

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Lebanon bologna Kutztown, Pa many years ago, yummy.

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I like chewing on prosciutto as a long term snack. I like Pizza Hut’s peperoni.

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I agree with @YARNLADY, pastrami !
I’ve been vegetarian for about three decades but I remember the flavor of pastrami.

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