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Can we say goodbye to Sean Connery?

Asked by filmfann (50064points) October 31st, 2020

He was the defenitive embodiment of James Bond, and elevated every movie he was in.

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I liked the way he pronounced Shnake.

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I loved all of his movies, but my favorite was Robinhood with Christian Slater.

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May he finally Rest In Peace after a tough life growing up to become an icon in Movies.
I read his obituary plus link to his many films that he starred in.
I used to watch numerous films by him and 007 is just one series that I regularly viewed.
I liked his humor .
Was surprised to find out that he had written a book in 2008 !
Interesting man that rose from tough times to make a life of famous films.
Thanks for posting this question, otherwise I would not had known that he passed.

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RIP Loved him. “The Man Who Would Be King” is one of my favorite movies.

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My 96 yr old mother will be heartbroken, she has had a crush on him since the early 1960s.

What I found remarkable was that he was just as good in his old age as he was in the Bond films. He definitely was the star of Indiana Jone and the Last Crusade, and The Rock.

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He was a legend. Very sad day. I completely agree with @Inspired_2write‘s opinion of his sense of humor. It sounds like he passed with his family peacefully after a long and good life; that’s about as good of a death as one could hope for.

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@zenvelo I was thinking that too; that he was wonderful actor throughout his whole career.

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“You only live twice, Mr. Bond.” RIP

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I did not know he had died. He’s one of those people that just seemed like he always existed and always will. I guess that’s cuz he was already famous when I was born. Safe paths to you Sean.

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Just reading posts about how he was physically abusive to women which is not something I’d heard about before. So that is part of the picture too.

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@janbb ”...he was physically abusive to women…”

Are these accusations against his characters? or him as a person?

I know there are some pretty shocking scenes in his Bond films where his character roughs up women that would never make it through the editing room today.

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Against him personally.

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@janbb Well that definitely changes how I feel about the guy. That sucks…

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^^ Yeah,. Me too.

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He later apologized for his comments about striking women.

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