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Is it a coincidence that three of the SCOTUS Justices were involved on the Bush or Republican team in 2000 Bush v Gore?

Asked by Strauss (23434points) November 5th, 2020

I’ve seen articles from several sources stating that Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and Justice Amy Cony Barrett were each involved with either the George W. Bush campaign or the Bush legal team in 2000 during Bush v Gore. I wonder who suggested that Trump nominate Kavanaugh or Barrett?

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Do you need an explanation for the goals of those who put up the three million dollars? Do you suppose it was to back candidates prone to defend YOUR intetests?

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When I researched the judges on my ballot some of them had references to the Federalist society. I voted to get rid of all the judges on the ballot and they all remain. Probably would not have mattered since my governor is republican, although I like him better than some of the former governors that did some of the appointments.

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